4-Pack - $10.00
12-Pack - $27.00
Our Gluten Free Tommy is a chunky, spunky delightful chocolate chip cookie - just like grandma used to make.

Our Gluten Free chocolate chip cookie is just as special, without the gluten. Still stuffed with imported Callebaut® chocolate, Gluten Free Tommy has both semi-sweet and milk chocolate morsels. Made with real butter and a touch of molasses, you’ll get the same rich flavor!

Get all the warm gluten free chocolate chip cookies you need for the classic melt-in-your-mouth flavor at Rewhipped. Gluten Free Tommy is a chunky, flavor-packed chocolate chip cookie—just like grandma used to make.

Try a bite, and you will quickly understand what makes our gluten free Tommy so amazing. From the semi-sweet and milk chocolate morsels to the classic buttery flavor, your traditional chocolate chip recipe doesn't even compare. This handmade cookie is made daily from scratch using the finest ingredients available. You can order a box of Tommy's chocolate chip cookies for any celebration. But, be warned—you will have a hard time giving any of these cookies away. Whatever reason you have for ordering, Tommy is sure to hit the right spot.