4-Pack - $10.00
12-Pack - $27.00
Did Reese get chocolate in your peanut butter, or peanut butter in your chocolate? You'll love this cookie's magic middle!

There's magic inside this chocolate cookie! With a creamy peanut butter center and milk chocolate on top, you'll see that Reese lives up to its name!

Who doesn’t love a chocolate and peanut butter mash-up? That is why so many of our customers come back time and time again for Reese’s flavor magic. There is also a surprise inside this chocolate cookie! 

Reese is a chocolate cookie with a smooth and lightly sweetened peanut butter middle that can make any PB & C lover scream. This creamy chocolate treat has all the necessary gourmet cookie ingredients. Made from the finest materials available, this handmade goodie is quickly becoming a staple in households throughout Utah. You can order this treat for an exciting end-of-the-night treat or grab a box for an upcoming celebration. Whatever you need, Reese is there to satisfy your chocolate and peanut butter cravings!

Take a bite into Reese’s chocolate cookie and surprise center, and you will quickly discover why this is every cookie lover’s favorite. You will also understand why Reese is so perfectly named. Order today and discover what makes Reese better than any other chocolate and peanut butter treat. Plus, you won’t need to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy a piece of its goodness. You can order online and have your selection hand-delivered in no time! We also over pick-up and catering options to satisfy all your cravings.

You can get a box of Reese cookies along with all of your other Rewhipped treat favorites, including pies, macarons, and different gourmet cookie flavors. We offer 4-Pack, 8-Pack, and 12-Pack variations.