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12-Pack - $27.00
George is a crunchy shortbread cookie with creamy caramel and milk chocolate on top. He’s fit for any candy lineup!

We took a crunchy shortbread cookie and poured on chewy caramel and milk chocolate. It's like a Twix® candy bar in cookie form!

Get your chocolate candy fix at Rewhipped. Our gourmet cookie, George, is a Twix®-inspired recipe that gives you the classic tastes you crave. Give this cookie a try and discover what your taste buds are missing.

Before you run off to our Herriman bakery, imagine what makes this cookie so great. From the ooey-gooey topping to the crunchy shortbread texture, George has everything you need to satisfy your cravings. Whether you are buying a batch of Rewhipped treats for your friends and family or need an excuse to treat yourself, George is handmade and ready for drop-off or pick-up today!

You can pick up George and all of our other gourmet cookie flavors at our Utah location in Herriman or have a box hand-delivered to your home. Rewhipped also offers a wide selection of different gourmet cookie flavors along with other sugary treats, including macarons and pies.

Rewhipped offers 4-Pack, 8-Pack, and 12-Pack variations, which is perfect for birthday parties, upcoming family gatherings, large receptions, office celebrations, private parties, and everything anything in-between. Order your batch of treats today before George is out of stock!

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