Candle and Holly Holiday Box

Exquisite box of 22 beautiful holiday cookies. Treat your friends and family to unmatched flavor and delicacy.

This holiday box is delightfully unique with its beautiful candle window. It holds 22 exquisite holiday cookies, as pictured. The colors, flavors, and selection are sure to please any of your friends or family.

Cookies included:

2 Peppermint Cream Filled Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies (Heather), 3 Toasted Pecan Carmel Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies (Harry), 2 Eggnog Cream Macarons, 2 Orange Marshmallow Filled Gingersnap Sandwich Cookies (Tina), 2 Cookie Butter Filled Shortbread Sandwich Cookies (Ethan), 2 White Chocolate Peppermint Macarons (Santa), 3 White Chocolate Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies (Nancy), 3 Eggnog Cream Sandwich Cookies (Marty), 3 Frosted Hazelnut Raspberry Sandwich Cookies (Julie)