Mastering Cookies

$55.00 $165.00
Chef Bryan has practiced and refined his cookie recipes for over 20 years. Tap into his expertise as you measure, mix, shape, and bake the perfect cookies, in this 2-hour class.

It seems like everyone knows how to bake cookies, but not all cookies are the same. What does it take to get the perfect flavor and texture? Where do you find premium ingredients? Which pans are the best? What's the best order for adding ingredients?

Chef Bryan will answer all of these questions while he teaches you how to make incredible cookies, just the way you like them. Using our professional equipment, you'll measure, mix, shape, and bake delicious cookies. In this 2-hour class, Chef Bryan will share the expertise and insights he gained during his 20+ years of practice and experimentation to create the perfect cookie.

This class is geared toward adults, but teenagers who are comfortable in the kitchen are welcome to attend.

Class duration: 2 hours

Each attendee will receive a Rewhipped apron and cookies to take home.

Refunds or credit will be given for reservations cancelled at least 48 hours before class start. If you have questions, please email us at or call 801.666.6844.