4-Pack - $10.00
12-Pack - $27.00
Her intense and zesty disposition will happily satisfy your lemon cookie cravings. She's guaranteed to make you pucker!

Bonnie is a sweet and soft lemon cookie with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Lemon lovers rave over its flavor. Typically, most lemon treats lack in the lemon flavoring department and turn out kinda flat. Our gourmet cookie experts have perfected Bonnie’s finished result with its sweet and creamy ingredients and over-the-top flavor.

Give your mouth the zest it is craving with Bonnie. Bonnie has an intense and zesty disposition that will happily satisfy all of your lemon cravings. Guaranteed to make you pucker.

Take one bite into this lemony treat and understand what everyone is talking about. Bonnie is the unique twist every classic lemon cookie recipe needs. Order today and discover what makes Bonnie better than the rest. Plus, you won’t need to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy a piece of Bonnie’s creamy lemon frosting and buttery lemon flavors. You can order online and have your selection hand-delivered in no time! We also over pick-up and catering options to satisfy all your cravings.

You can get a box of Bonnie cookies along with all of your other Rewhipped treat favorites, including pies, macarons, and different gourmet cookie flavors. We offer dessert catering in Utah which is perfect for upcoming family gatherings, large receptions, office celebrations, private parties, and everything anything in-between.