4-Pack - $10.00
12-Pack - $27.00
Annie is the ultimate sugar cookie with amazing flavor and texture, topped with fluffy, flavorful pink frosting.

We never planned to make a sugar cookie because, let's face it - sugar cookies are pretty basic. After many requests from our customers, we bring you Annie! This sugar cookie has phenomenal texture and flavor - slightly crunchy on the edges, but soft and chewy throughout. The fluffy pink frosting explodes with a unique and subtle fruitiness, like something from a fairy tale. You can tell yourself that you won't eat the whole thing, but it will be gone before you know it!

Include Annie in your next catering order. Rewhipped is an excellent option if you are looking for a dessert catering company in Utah. We cater to family gatherings, large receptions, office celebrations, private parties, and everything anything in-between.

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