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All pies in the Rewhipped family have rightfully earned their place. From the classic chocolate mousse flavor of Bryan to the banana cream splendor of Jonah, each of our pies is truly one-of-a-kind. These handcrafted recipes have all the making of gourmet dessert greatness. Trust us, even your Great Aunt’s favorite pie doesn’t hold up in comparison. Bring one of our freshly made pies to your next holiday event, and everyone will be asking for the recipe. Whether you are looking for rich chocolate or light, fruity flavors, our pie family has it all. Go ahead and get better acquainted!


There aren’t many pie shops in Utah that have quite the array of pies for you to choose from with exciting flavors too. The ReWhipped team spends hours trying, tasting, and whipping up pie recipes that are sure to knock the socks off all those other guys. Trust us—we wouldn’t sell you a pie that we didn’t believe in. Whether you are ordering a Thanksgiving pie like Peter or Georgia or want to have a pie for your Sunday night-in, ReWhipped has all the flavors you need to make it a success.


No pie is right without using the finest ingredients in its recipe. Fortunately, Rewhipped uses only the finest ingredients available in each of our available treats, including Callebaut ® and Guittard ® chocolate. Not only are these ingredients some of the best on the market, but they work well with others for flavor combinations that are out of this world. Come in and visit our location in Herriman to check these ingredients out for yourself. One bite into our pies, and we know you will taste the difference right away!


Sometimes it is challenging knowing what your sweet tooth is craving. Are you in the mood for a creamy pie, or do you need another treat? Rewhipped has the best selection in Utah of gourmet treats, including pies, macaroons, and cookies. You can fill a box with all your favorites or come-in and choose a pie to devour. Whichever you pick, don’t wait! Fill your cart before today’s selection of goodies runs out!