Each member of the Rewhipped cookie family is handmade from scratch, with the finest ingredients. From classic chocolate chip flavors to reimagined twists, Rewhipped is home to some of the best gourmet cookies in Utah. These fresh cookies have all the makings of greatness. Whether you are looking for rich chocolate or light, fruity flavors, our cookie family has it all. Go ahead and get better acquainted! Pretty soon, you will feel as if they have joined your own family.


What sets our cookie shop in Herriman apart from the rest is our one-of-a-kind flavors. The Rewhipped team spends hours trying, tasting, and whipping-up new recipes until they land on one that hits all the right spots. Don’t worry—we wouldn’t ever bake something we didn’t believe in. Whether you want to order a box of our Tommy gourmet cookie that features the classic chocolate chip tastes, or a mixed box full of eclectic treats, we have it all. Order your box today and discover what makes our flavors better than the rest!


No two cookie types are the same, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feature the finest ingredients available. Rewhipped only uses ingredients that we can stand behind, including Callebaut® and Guittard® chocolate. Not only are these ingredients some of the best on the market, but they work well with others for flavor combinations that are out of this world. Visit our cookie shop in Herriman, and you can see for yourself what it is like to enjoy a cookie made only out of the finest ingredients. We look forward to seeing the difference on your face as soon as you take a bite!


Sometimes it is hard to decide which cookie you want. That is why Rewhipped offers a variety of options. You can fill a box with a batch of our fresh cookies, handcrafted macarons, or even Rewhipped Pie! Our gourmet cookies also come in various sizes: 4-pack, 8-pack, and 12-pack. You can also fill your box with whichever treats you want (assorted or standard). Don’t wait—fill your box before today’s selection runs out!